Friday, 29 January 2010

Second Project

The initial idea for the second project at MA level is to create a documentary piece about a person through an examination of objects and spaces.

The focus will surround the environment inhabited by my brother. He lives in a cottage that is a mix between the old and modern, in the sense that it has exposed wooden beams but has been renovated. Matthew is a relaxed guy who almost leads a 'hippy' lifestyle. His cottage is a great environment for photography as it houses a vast array of weird and wonderful objects which all have stories behind them.

I contacted Matthew yesterday and he has no complaints at all about me undertaking the project. Shooting has been planned for Sunday 21st February. It was suggested to him to have a think about some objects that mean a lot to him or have an interesting story behind them. There is scope to use a wide angle lens to capture sweeping shots of the most interesting areas of the environment. The focus should however, be on creating a sense of Matthew's character through images of objects.

A possibility may be to use audio over the top of the images to further their impact.

Initial action points are to examine some artist's work that try to convey a sense of personal space.