Thursday, 11 March 2010

Final project update

With the second project chugging along nicely now, its probably best to put a comment up relating to how the final project is progressing.

In summary;

* Most basic form = The work is a focus on the current life and times of my brother. He inhabits a Norfolk cottage that used to be lived in by myself, my mum and him. He now lives alone and has made the space his. Mum's influence still seeps through and it is a great environment to visually discuss him and his experiences.

* It aims to conjure the essence of a life through the depiction of still-life, documentary style images.

* The images captured will be a direct result of comments and input from my brother as to what he feels is most important, and which pieces in his home have a story or tale. If there is an area I want to photograph I will ask about it and note down the response.

* Portfolio one research led me down the path of trying to remove bias from the images I capture but after discussion and feedback from the presentation of portfolio one, it appears that no matter how much effort is made on my part to be objective, the spaces and links between my brother and mother make my work totally subjective. It is the opinion of many, and now mine that my involvement is key to harnessing a strong interest in the work.

* I have conducted a test shoot with a 40D and a 50mm lens, the final shooting phases will seek to deploy full frame technology with macro, wide and portrait style shots. It is probably worth illustrating my developmental process by showing a couple of the images.

*The one of my brother's old mirror I really, really like and am considering using one of the versions of it in the exhibition. If he hasn't moved it when I take the 5DMKII down for the next shoot I will take loads more shots of it.

*The shot looking across the washing up at the 'welcome' plaque is a perfect mix of my brother and mum's influence. It resonates with me as a perfect image reflective of living in a cottage alone. A mother's influence on her son is described really well I feel.