Friday, 2 April 2010

Final Project Commissioning/Sponsorship research

For the final project it is a requirement to examine possible sources of sponsorship or commissioning. There are a few i've come across for Portfolio Two but a major one which is good to note on here relates to the work of Toby Glanville. Glanville worked on a project for three years between 1997 and 2000 in an effort to convey life and local identity in Kent villages.

Glanville's work could be argued as being similar to mine as he seeks to convey the essence of a person/people living in a specific place or in a certain way. My project looks at a young person living alone in rural Norfolk. The main source of funding Glanville received came from various district councils in and around Kent. There is the possibility that Norfolk County Council or the Parish would deem my project worthy of local interest and grant me funding, or even commission it.

A fairly long but relevant passage regarding Glanville's 'Actual Life' piece reads;

"The commission that initiated this work focused on the Kent villages of Westerham and Goudhurst, and was supported through a partnership project involving Photoworks, Kent County Council, Sevenoaks District Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council...The commission resulted in an exhibition, Proving Places, that toured to various galleries in Kent during 1998/99. The second commission was conducted by Kent County Council in 2000, and the resulting work was subsequently exhibited at County Hall in Maidstone." (Glanville and Editor, 2002: 94)

Two of Toby Glanville's images from the commissioning are displayed below. Both relevant to the direction of the final piece;

Portfolio Two development

Portfolio Two is in full swing and there is loads of research to trawl through. Rosy Martin's comment on her still-life project 'Too Close to Home?' has been really useful in rationalising my subject and the way he operates within his home;

"I find myself engaged in an archaeology of the self. Now that I am custodian of every thing within this place, I must classify, select and discard. This task has some similarity to curating, choices must be made.” (Martin, 2006: 53)

Strangely, one of my test shoots captured an image of an old mirror at the location, with a story behind it, before i'd even stumbled across Martin's work. The image below is from her project 'Too Close Too Home?' The project captured images of objects and scenes in her mother's home after her death. All the images in Too Close to Home? have been useful and some merit further discussion at length within Portfolio Two;