Saturday, 11 December 2010

Late 2010

2010 is marching toward an end. It has been a fairly productive year and after receiving confirmation of passing my MA, I think it is a good time to update this blog.

Overall, I received a 60% pass mark for the MA in Digital Imaging and Photography which i'm satisfied with and would put down as a fair reflection of my effort and ability. Looking forward to the graduation in January.

Academic marks aside, way back in October I applied for an unpaid internship with Sheffield's international centre for contemporary art (The Site Gallery). After finally attending an informal interview on Friday 10th December, I left with a buzz and a sense that working in a gallery space whether it be arts administration or technical set up, is a path i'd like to venture down.

The people I met at Site were genuinely some of the most welcoming i've been in contact with and made me aware that undertaking an internship with them would be a great opportunity to plug gaps in my CV and hopefully equip me with an understanding of similar environments.

I was incredibly pleased to get a call not long after the interview offering me the chance to undertake an internship with a focus on technical setup with elements of arts admin. I've accepted and am due to start in January. I'm going into the Christmas period geared up for a fresh challenge in the New Year.

It is worth noting that currently at Site there is a thought provoking installation from Richard William Wheater. Wheater works with glass and neon signage requiring a great deal of skill to achieve half decent results. The material I read described his current skill level as basic. During the time I spent with the installation, the artist tinkered with his portable neon-making equipment and pondered a multitude of tubing while intermittently heating and manipulating glass. In summary, Wheater is spending a two week period honing his practical skill in neon signage, with each day's result being displayed and illuminated behind him. The displayed work should chart a personal progression. Although the piece sounds fairly basic, the noise coupled with the artist's concentration makes for an a mesmerising yet unnerving viewing experience the longer I watched on. Very much worth popping in if any readers visit Sheffield. A final evening event takes place on Friday 17th December at 6pm.

My own production of work has ground to a halt in all honesty. I've captured a few images for no other reason than to get to grips with some new Cokin filters. They all depict rural South Yorkshire countryside.

I'll update in the New Year unless I venture out with the camera anymore.