Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Fresh Start

This blog will no longer be added to. I feel like I want to create a fresh blog for work i'm producing now. Although I can comment in the header that the blog contains old MA work and new images, it feels cluttered for some reason. Time to pull the curtain down on this one and start again. I'm not certain if this will still be visible but if it is, it'll only be an archive.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Back Again.

Yet again i've been a bit lax with this blog! In fairness I have switched jobs and started volunteering so things have been crazy-busy for a few months. Everything has started to level out again and i'm into a bit of a routine. Hopefully this means i'll be able to produce a lot more work and take time to post it. On a side-note, i've looked at a lot of the images I produce and they strike me as a childlike, playful interaction with the world. I'm not sure why I get that impression but i'll roll with it.

The photographs below were taken since my last post. These were taken on 35mm film with an old Soviet Smena 8M. The film was cross-processed for those interested.

I really love this collection of images. They're dark, grainy with something almost threatening sprinkled in!

Friday, 20 January 2012

A long overdue post.

So, it's been a long stint since i've posted on here. I'm determined not to neglect this blog in 2012 as I quite enjoy posting and chatting about different bits. Anyway, i've had a busy year trying to dig myself out my overdraft and generally put my life under the microscope! Amongst that I have found time to engage with some photographic devices.

I've been fiddling around with 35mm film a lot over the last year and liking the boundaries that a roll of 36 enforces. I've been thinking more about exactly what I am aiming to capture and what I want a shot to speak of. I've placed great emphasis on interacting effectively with natural light. I've always said to myself that i'd like to develop a grasp of the way light plays over objects. To me this is key to being able to produce work of interest. As this is my first post in a long time, I thought i'd just offer an insight into my favourite images from 2011. I plan to discuss some in detail in future posts.

It doesn't matter what the following were captured with as they are just to show where my head was during 2011. Although for those who care, either a Canon Ixus 300HS, Olympus PEN E-PL1, Holga 135BC or Canon 40D.

This is my favourite image from 2011. I'm mad for the picture postcard tone and almost oil painting reproduction.

Watch out for a future post regarding this mini-project. I loved trying to pin down what these trees meant to me. Shadows, creeping branches and uncertainty a-plenty.

Cross-processing test.

Beach huts

High summer sun

Forlorn monkey

Summer ice-creams

Derelict South Yorkshire