Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Fresh Start

This blog will no longer be added to. I feel like I want to create a fresh blog for work i'm producing now. Although I can comment in the header that the blog contains old MA work and new images, it feels cluttered for some reason. Time to pull the curtain down on this one and start again. I'm not certain if this will still be visible but if it is, it'll only be an archive.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Back Again.

Yet again i've been a bit lax with this blog! In fairness I have switched jobs and started volunteering so things have been crazy-busy for a few months. Everything has started to level out again and i'm into a bit of a routine. Hopefully this means i'll be able to produce a lot more work and take time to post it. On a side-note, i've looked at a lot of the images I produce and they strike me as a childlike, playful interaction with the world. I'm not sure why I get that impression but i'll roll with it.

The photographs below were taken since my last post. These were taken on 35mm film with an old Soviet Smena 8M. The film was cross-processed for those interested.

I really love this collection of images. They're dark, grainy with something almost threatening sprinkled in!