Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Further thoughts.

I've decided the project involving my brother has enough scope to be undertaken as the 'final project.' The reason for this decision is that it is a project I am happy to work on throughout the summer and feel I can engage extensively with.

I've attempted to look at audience interaction and the way in which they respond to documentary photography. I'm wary of simply depicting objects that have emotional resonance to me and my brother, I want to create an actual image that has a meaning too. This caution was ushered in by a quote from Aaron Siskind;

“I found that I wasn’t saying anything special. The meaning was not in the pictures but in the subject. There was no new reality.” (Siskand, 1947 in Bunnell, 2006: 92)

I will attempt to convey a new reality, a story that develops from the picture itself. Difficult to get my head around at the moment. More works from Nan Goldin sort of get at what I mean;

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