Friday, 2 April 2010

Portfolio Two development

Portfolio Two is in full swing and there is loads of research to trawl through. Rosy Martin's comment on her still-life project 'Too Close to Home?' has been really useful in rationalising my subject and the way he operates within his home;

"I find myself engaged in an archaeology of the self. Now that I am custodian of every thing within this place, I must classify, select and discard. This task has some similarity to curating, choices must be made.” (Martin, 2006: 53)

Strangely, one of my test shoots captured an image of an old mirror at the location, with a story behind it, before i'd even stumbled across Martin's work. The image below is from her project 'Too Close Too Home?' The project captured images of objects and scenes in her mother's home after her death. All the images in Too Close to Home? have been useful and some merit further discussion at length within Portfolio Two;

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