Monday, 4 October 2010

Exhibition Comments

It is now over a week since the exhibition and i've had a bit of time to reflect on how it went. The main points to stem from exhibiting my work are;

* Pleasing that the piece evokes more than just basic sympathy/interest. Much of the feedback speaks more of empathy.

* Tension and unease was present with some audience members. The opposite to what i'd thought, but on reflection, peering into a strangers home whether permitted or not raises an element of voyeurism. I'd expected boundaries between audience and image to be weakened, welcoming them in.

* Although it was not an aim of the piece to play on emotional tension, it has added an extra dimension to the work and contributes to its success.

* The voyeuristic thread was overlooked during production.

* Being uneasy yet curious is something the images tap into effectively.

* Semi-objective captions strike a balance between being far enough away from the images and adding poignancy.

Images from the exhibition are shown below. Harsh reflections from the poor lighting were massively detrimental, if the work is exhibited elsewhere lighting needs to be considered carefully.

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