Sunday, 30 May 2010

Exhibition format and delivery

I've recently had a bit more time to consider exactly how my final piece will be delivered. I really want to emphasise the sense of entering a personal space, therefore the exhibited work should be accessed by physically walking into a room rather than simply wandering along a corridor.

There is a room within the university that would suit the project well, but negotiation with other students is required before its use is confirmed. The room has space to place roughly three small tables with free-standing framed images, and enough wall space for eight large framed prints. I plan to use an old photo album placed on one of the tables to hold a large number of images. This will allow an audience member to sit in the space and contemplate the work deeply while being surrounded by an overall impression of the location.

I've identified the perfect aged album to use (pictured below), this album has resonance to myself, my brother and our mother as it contained images of us as children. The childhood images have been removed and stored to allow the album to be used for images produced during the project. I like the idea of an audience being able to physically engage with an aged container of memories now acting as a window to the present life of one of the brothers.

Current tasks i'm engaging with include examination of more photographers who capture images of private dwellings/scenes. I am also further investigating the power of text in accompaniment to images.

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