Sunday, 9 May 2010

Final Project - Ethical Considerations

After the hand-in of project two, the focus has quickly shifted back to the final project. After brief discussion with a member of the support staff, it became apparent that i've failed to fully acknowledge the ethical implications of undertaking a project of the nature desired.

The ethical implications to consider can be divided into loosely defined points;

1. In a basic sense, ethical implications of exhibiting images of a person's private way of life to an audience.

2. How aware my brother is of certain undertones the exhibition could transmit to an audience. Themes could include family loss, personal struggle and/or living alone.

It will be crucial to discuss the exhibition and images with my brother to confirm his awareness and comfort. There are texts that i'm yet to fully read that offer a good grounding in ethical concerns surrounding a project of this nature.

A text that at first glance seems useful to incorporate into the initial stages of exploring prevalent ethical issues is from Tom Wheeler entitled 'Phototruth or Photofiction?' Not all of it is relevant as it is targeted at journalists, but i'll look to pick out some key points to note on here and in portfolio two.

I've not really got anything definitive to write about at this stage, i've just realised I should examine some ethical considerations.

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