Saturday, 17 July 2010

Book layout

As part of the exhibition piece, I plan to use an online based photo book printing company (probably Blurb) to produce a book in support of the large wall mounted images. I've looked into the type of layout that works well for this type of work and it seems to be landscape, fairly minimal text and vast amounts of free space.

I like the idea of adding some text to support the images, probably explanations or quotes offered by my brother with the image name in bold. The blank space works well as it adds to a sense of unease, as if questioning why a particular image is afforded so much focus. The images below show two books i've looked at. The top book in the first image contains some of Peter Fraser's work with the bottom one showing the work of John R.J Taylor. Usefully, the book of Fraser's was used as support to one of his exhibitions in The Photographer's gallery, London.

Alternative layouts are displayed in the second image, again showing the work of Peter Fraser.

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