Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Book Development

I'm aiming for around 30 images in the book to support the exhibition. At first I thought about using totally different images in the book to the ones that will feature on walls during the exhibition. I now feel that this would not be effective as the book will not always be accesible in conjunction with the framed prints. In essence, the photo book needs to be able to stand alone and feature the strongest images e.g the ones selected for framing.

I've toyed with captions in different places of the book but what works best seems to be a simple, clean and descriptive feel. A clinical, descriptive design supports the desire to portray the featured environment as a museum-like building, in which areas are curated over time. The image name and mundane descriptive language allow for the audience's mind to wander and conjure a sense of place, emotion and a life in their own mind. (See earlier research, mainly that of John R.J Taylor)

The opening page of the book will offer an overview to the project and the subject. This seems important as the images need foundation and background. A screenshot below hints at the feel desired for the finished book.

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