Monday, 9 August 2010


Since my last post, i've had a tutorial with two staff supervising my final project. It was fairly productive and a decent chance to get some comments on my image capture, selection and their integration into a book. Obviously it was useful as a checkpoint to the whole semester, as I needed to put markers in my mind of what more needs to be done.

If the meeting was put through a sieve and shaken, these points would fall out of it;

* Interesting images but some stronger than others. Consider re-looking at the shoots and selecting alternate images.
* Seek out some photographs of myself, brother and mother for use in the exhibition and book.
* Scan the old photographs.
* A little repetition with images containing a mirror. Select the strongest one only.
* A pure white background to the book works well.
* Descriptive captions do not work. Rewrite them to explain a backstory (for validity and to engage the audience emotionally.)
* Use a smaller font for the book.
* Lots of blank white space focuses the audience's attention.
* Examine the work of Alec Soth (see following post)
* Consider using to create promotional cards for the exhibition piece.
* Project reflection should comment on why the use of sound was abandoned (to avoid an inadvertent comedic tone)
* Project reflection should comment on the downside to not having access to a pro level camera body for all shoots (full frame over crop factor)
* Identify exactly how many images will be framed and wall mounted. Be thinking about selection.
* Consider when I will be printing and arrange this with a technician/advisor.

The next tutorial will probably be around the 18th August. Currently i'm arranging the book layout and identifying the cost of promotional material.

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