Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Audience considerations

Still life photography in the context of this project, requires constant thought regarding how an audience will interact with it. I felt it useful to consider how still life painting is received, what a closed and intimate scene presents an audience with. Norman Bryson (1990) in his book 'Looking at the Overlooked' comments;

"Still life is in a sense the great anti-Albertian genre. What it opposes is the idea of a canvas as a window on the world, leading to a distant view...the vanishing point is always absent...It proposes a much closer space." (Bryson, 1990: 71)

The images for this project must consider that although there is a backstory to the scenes and objects depicted, the nature of the genre to an extent shuts this off. This kind of research is bolstering the need for a concise context for the audience. Text, captions and a written piece need to be available within the exhibition to support the images.

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