Monday, 14 June 2010

John Blakemore

Black and white still life work has been useful to examine. Although i'm not working with black and white images, Terry Hope's book offers some advice relating to style development. A comment from John Blakemore reads;

"An extended period of photographing the same subject matter leads to new ideas and to unexpected responses and possibilities. The intensive exploration of a subject has always been part of my working method" (Blakemore in Hope, 2001: 38)

This project deals with well defined subject matter for extended periods. This process can be argued to be similar to that John Blakemore follows. Terry Hope focuses on tone, texture and contrast heavily throughout his book 'Still Life: Developing Style in Creative Photography' (2001). These parameters will be important to consider during the capture and image selection phases for this project.

Considering tone, texture and contrast at all times can assist in developing appealing images for an exhibition setting.

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