Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yoon-Jean Lee

The South Korean photographer Yoon-Jean Lee focuses on still life depictions of Eastern and Western aesthetic collisions. Her work is important to consider as the images captured for the exhibition piece will present interesting aesthetic collisions between my brother's life and beliefs and my mother's. Coupled with this, my brother has accumulated objects from all over the world, images will explore how these occupy his personal space.

Crucially with all the work of Lee's i've examined, the angles she has used suggest a fleeting glance or a natural curiosity. This ties in with earlier research in which it became apparent that an audience should be invited to engage with the work and not cajoled.

It seems vital to consider how my images should speak to the audience, with a change of angle key to changing the tone of a scene. "Diverse perspectives" (Lunsford, 2006: 32) can make for an interesting exhibition and tap into an audience's curiosity.

Lee, Y-J. (2003) Still-Life No.22

Lee, Y-J. (2004) Still -Life No.32

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