Monday, 28 June 2010

Context thoughts

I keep returning to the core of the project to consider what exactly my images mean and what I desire to communicate to an audience. It is crucial to understand and pinpoint the audience appeal for a successful exhibition piece, I need to keep this in the forefront of my mind and balance the personal resonance accordingly. A key point is that the project plays on the voyeuristic tendencies many of us associate with looking into new rooms and spaces.

From a personal stance, the piece is a cautious peek into the turbulent and unpredictable life of my brother. The whole project has been in many ways difficult to carry out, and after much thought the audience should be given the information that the images are partially a personal exploration of a space that was once familiar to me but now is virtually unrecognisable.

The transformative element is useful as it underpins the initial idea of examining how a young person has gone about curating his personal space since the loss of his mother.

The transformation and evolution of the space is fluid and will probably continue as such, the sequence of images can be viewed as a snapshot of a point in a journey. The journey is of personal and emotional development as the occupant carves out his own path. The images seek to illustrate the navigation of emotions while living alone in a rural cottage.

The points conveyed in this post will be given to the audience with additional information within the exhibition setting. This is to ensure that the audience has a handle on what the images are about. It is now more apparent than ever that a defined series of images is essential to the project's success as one or two on their own would have no context. An attempt has been made to select and edit some images from the two shoots to date to give the reader an idea of what the exhibition will entail.

With the images displayed, it is clear that the provision of strong context (as summarised above) will be important for an audience.

Mother's Room

Mother's Room 2

Mantle Piece and mementos

Learn Korean

Frozen Kingfisher

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